6 Sources for SEO and Successful Server Redirects

  • If you are going to move your site, 301 redirects are the recommended practice. These are best understood by search engine crawlers, and happen before the content of the page is rendered for the crawler or the user
  • Meta redirects are generally considered bad practice for search engine optimization purposes, as they are followed on the client side, and not by the crawlers
  • 302 redirects are considered acceptable practice, but only if the content is moving temporarily, as both pages will remain in the crawler index
  • For ASP.Net users, server.redirect or response.redirect seems to be a legitimate practice, as long as it is not used for “cloaking”, or serving up special content for crawlers. A response.redirect is considered the same as a 302. Some testing will need to be conducted to determine if server.redirect is a 301, but that is my suspicion.

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