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Scott Hanselman has a great post about how to keep you blog from sucking…

So… I have followed a number of his suggestions. I have signed up with . Technorati is a great place to list your blog. It is not a search engine, but it is a way to claim your blog and add it to its search listings. Here is my Technorati Profile. And, if you want to view my blog from within Technorati instead, you can do that too.

And what timing, too! When I signed up for Technorati, I found a blog post about my blog in just wonky, Rob Fuller’s blog. Thanks, Rob for the kinds word and the inbound link should help a bunch!

Bloglines is similar to Google Reader and Technorati. It allows you to sign up for blogs and RSS feeds, and aggregates them for you to read. It also allows you to claim your blog, and includes it in its index for searching and advertising. I now have a Bloglines account as well, and have claimed my blog.

I have also started to use to store all of my bookmarks. This makes them available in IE, Netscape, and from any PC anywhere. You can see my bookmarks at . There is a great bookmarks plugin for Firefox that you can use that will make you bookmarks directly available from the menu bar. Very handy.

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