Accenture India Visit – Meet the Teams

Today was an exciting day for me. I got to spend lots of time with the Internet Marketing team. I really wanted to go through the profile slides everyone put together, but I also wanted to have the BRM and onshore team to attend, so I shifted that meeting to the afternoon.

Laurent and Jerry attended the Internet Marketing session as well. We took a deeper dive into BMS overview and strategies. We encouraged the team to make this a collaborative session, and to jump in with questions and comments, and they certainly did. They asked a lot of great questions, and was a very engaging session. I have put together a deck of over 150 slides, and we only got through the first 50 or so. We covered a lot of information, and we all learned a lot about the pharmaceutical industry, about BMS, and about each other.

Today I noticed a lot of small details that the team has put into hosting Laurent and I. They have folks check in with coffee and cookies all the time, the lunch and dinner meals are all planned, and every day there are a new bouquet of flowers in the room. Today was a table arrangement with greens and lilies, which smelled fantastic. These little details make the trip so much richer.

I had the opportunity to meet the SharePoint development team in the IDC. This is a growing group of 15 developers. There is a lot of talent here, and they are most probably going to help me augment the Internet Marketing team as we explore migration to SharePoint. They had a lot of questions about improving their development process, and about the upcoming work in Internet Marketing.

Later in the evening, we finally got to review the Internet Marketing Profile slides. I had each person get up and review their individual slides. It seemed that just about everyone was a Sachin Tendulkar fan or a Roger Federer fan. Lots of people are chess players, too. Some of the favorite quotes were very interesting. My favorite is “Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.” Mukesh was even kind enough to notice I was a numismatist and give me a coin from Nepal. A few people didn’t make slides, and we had a lot of fun making new slides for them. We got a bit creative. I am glad the team is good-hearted. I hope they take advantage of the photos they have, and get even with me.

Dinner, again, was very good. We ate at Zuri. We started off with RC on the rocks, a local Indian whiskey. Again, Raghu ordered appetizers and the main course. Everything was very good. We finished up at midnight, and headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow is anther full day.

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