AP Archive Beta R2 is in Production

The number of moving pieces was monumental…

Move the storage of videos from the NetApp to the Isilon, ingest the new British MovieTone content, create the new product rules and metadata changes, replay all 1.5 million video stories for new metadata and re-productization, re-index the stories with a new FAST index profile, modify the Workflow tool to manually curate products, add the new features in the eBiz database, upgrade eAP Admin to accommodate Subscription and Metered business models, complete the new additions to the eBiz Service, make Dashboard changes to accommodate batch processing, enhance the integration with ScheduAll for Subscription and Metered billing… all behind the scenes to power the Archive Portal changes themselves.

Manage requirements, complete estimates and timelines, create new designs, integrate batch processing, add new search filters, build in subscription and metered eCommerce models, add support for licenses, rework the minimum declaration model, migrate folders, add new users, complete automated and manual testing, provide and test rollback procedures, run performance and load tests, promote everything through the environments, write the documentation, plan and coordinate with everyone, attend daily stand ups, and launch successfully.

Forgive me now.  I am sure I have left things out – I won’t be able to list them all, or remember them all.  I am also sure I will forget someone to thank – there were so many people involved in the success of our project.  And it was a success.  Because of all of us.  Thank you all.  You have made the impossible possible.


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