Launch of the new AP Video Hub

The Associated Press launched its new Video Hub web site,, focusing on Broadcast quality world news, entertainment, sport and lifestyle video from the AP. Breaking news and related archive on the same platform, at the same time.  This web site offers:

  • Search and view all video content
  • Over 100 videos updated daily
  • Up-to-the-minute video news
  • Access the upcoming coverage calendar
  • Browse curated topic pages
  • “Follow” stories of interest
  • Fast download to desktop

Congratulations go out to all those that were involved in the development and launch of the site.  My development team in London were the susperstars – Mark, Dries, Jon, Kofi, David, and Brendan were the heart and soul of this site.  Without Clark, Rich, and Stewart on the Infrastructure team, we would not have made it.  And without Jim, Alan, and the pipeline team, we would have no videos to preview or sell on the site. Kudos to everyone for bringing Sue’s vision to life.

Read all about the launch in these links:

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