My Cheese has moved…

There has been lots of change in my life lately.  For those that are not already in the know, I have taken a new position at The Associated Press.  This is a very exciting opportunity.  I am working for another company with a long and prestigious history, with a team of extremely smart developers and a sharp management team, and some very exciting technology.  You can read all about The Associated Press on the AP Web Site, or you can take a look at some of the new web sites I will be managing – AP Images, AP Exchange, AP Archive, the Winter Olympics Microsite (and more like this to come).  I will be working in the mobile space as well.  I am still getting a handle on the mobile landscape at the AP, but I already have the AP Mobile and AP Today in History applications on my Motorola Droid.  As you would expect, the AP has a large social media footprint.  You can follow AP, AssociatedPress, or AP_Images on Twitter.  There is an AssociatedPress channel on YoTube.  You can also join the Associated Press page on FaceBook.

I have also changed my blog’s home.  After much of the hemming and hawing, I have moved my blog onto my own domain,  There is not a lot of content on the main site, but more is on the way.  The new URL for my blog is   I have changed the old FeedBurner feeds to point to the new ones, so you might have gotten 140 new posts from me in your feed reader.  Sorry about that.  I have also created two new FeedBurner feeds – Pixelated Views Blog and Pixelated Blog Comments.  I recommend following them.

So… that’s enough change for me for now.  If only it were always my choice…

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