Accenture India Visit – UI Capability

Today was another packed day. In the morning, we met with the HR Lead for Life Sciences. It is interesting to see how such a large company focuses on identifying, training, and retaining such a large number of people. This month alone they have hired over 1000 new employees in India alone.

Next was a meeting to review the UI Capability. This was one of the meetings that I had been waiting for the most. It also seems that my ideas were very much aligned with their recommendations. The best way to evaluate an existing product for enhancements is through usability testing. The best way to evaluate an off the shelf product is through heuristic evaluation and some sort of checklist. I want to set up some additional meetings when I get home to talk about tools that we can take advantage of that can evaluate a product / application / site.

During our lunch break, the IDC Quality and Delivery Excellence group presented. They showed us their quality analysis tool, and how they use it to do quality audits. Their vision of quality not only includes both compliance (whether the task was completed or the document was generated) and quality (how well a task is executed) measurements. Right now they are running audits on every project, but once things are more stable, their plan is to run these audits manually.

Upstairs was the Application Outsourcing Center of Excellence. The CoE had a dedicated room with flat panel monitors for each of the 6 different areas of focus. They also showed us the PMC, which is the nerve center for the Center of Excellence. This is what keeps the delivery center going, and provides constant feedback to each of the engagements. I didn’t get the opportunity to see all of the PMC, as I had to head over to Bang 2 for a videoconference with the BRMs in the US.

Abhijit set up our weekly Thursday meeting as a teleconference for us. Bruce and Derek were out that day, and Jenn was unable to make it to the room. Butas a proof of concept, videoconferences will work much better for us, and will be a great way to pull the team together. We will have to try to do teleconferences more often.

Dinner was with the MHRA team at the Brigade Millenium WoodRose. This is where Raghu’s boss lived. They had a courtyard in the back of the complex where the MHRA team within Accenture provided entertainment. The team performed traditional Indian dance, and some modern guitar and singing. It was a really nice performance. What impressed me was that these were Accenture folks who were doing this. Laurent and I were discussing this… if we were to host Accenture, andwere asked to do a talent show, what kinds of things would we do? I am not sure.

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