Techno-Christmas 2008

Well, another Christmas has come and gone, and we have all exchanged our gifts. Everyone in the family got new gadgets to alleviate their tech addiction.

Nicholas got his long-overdue Xbox 360. We bought him the Elite version, with the wireless remote and the 120GB hard drive. Can’t get a new console without a shiny new game too, right? So we got him one of his favorites… the new NHL 2K9. He also got lots of gift cards, so that he could go out and get a game of his choice. He picked up Call of Duty 4, and another wireless remote, so that he can pwn me and his friends up in NHL 2K9 or Call of Duty.

Mary Ann was light on the technology this year… she did get some CDs that would help her learn basic Dutch in the car on her long commute to work every morning.

I was burned by the HD-DVD fiasco last Christmas, so this year my wife bought me the Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray Disc Player. And, just like the Xbox, you can’t get a new Blu-ray player without getting a couple new Blu-ray movies. My parents bought me Iron Man and Wall-E.

The great thing about technology is the same as the problem with technology. It is always improving. The Harmon Kardon receiver we had for 6 years or so has no HDMI inputs or outputs. I had been using direct component connections to the TV, but I ran out of those too, with all the different HD devices I have now. So I had to treat myself with a new Sony STR-DG820 A/V Reciever. Yay for 4 HDMI inputs! It only took 30 minutes to set up with my speakers and all the devices.

And with all that technology, I was able to watch Rutgers beat NC State 29-23 in the 2008 Bowl. RU Rah Rah!

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