Visual Thesaurus Bends and Stretches Your Way to Synonyms

I have stayed connected to the search industry ever since I was involved with the original launch of the Pravachol web site ten years ago. One of the ways I have stayed connected is through great online resources like Alt Search Engines. This week they covered a great new online tool that helps its users search for synonyms. Visual Thesaurus displays entries in the thesaurus graphically and separates them into individual entries through a tool called Thinkmap. This is very similar to the technology used in the TouchGraph Google Browser. Both of these technologies are similar to some of the social networking graphs that are used in Web 2.0 sites. Take a look at the new Visual Thesaurus, and the TouchGraph Google Browser, and let me know what you think of the usage of thetechnology, and what other ways you might like to see it.

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