3 SEO Site Analysis Tools to Grade Your Site

I don’t usually do this, but this blog entry will be about an email I received from one of my readers. I got an email from Rachel, who works at a company called SEO Site Checkup. She asked me to take a look at their site. They have created a simple-to-use web site that will analyze your site against a series of SEO based rules. All you do is put in your URL, submit, and let the site do its work. It will return a list of important fixes, recommended fixes, and successful checks. It provides a lot of information, and a great deal of next steps to make your site more SEO friendly. In fact, it was good enough to point out a few changes that we will want to make to some of our major brand sites.

To be fair, there are two other tools that I use in the web site SEO analysis space. WebSite Grader is provided by HubSpot – a company focusing on marketing for small companies. I have also used a site called XinuReturns, which will help you “Find out how well your site is doing in popular search engines, social bookmarking and other site statistics.”

XinuReturns focuses more on aspects outside of your site, including inbound links, search engine results, and social bookmarking. WebSite Grader gives a high level overview of lots of different aspects of your site’s SEO, both internally and externally, and gives you an easy “grade” to compare results against other sites. The strength of SEO Site Checkup over these other two sites is is that it takes a deep dive into aspects of your web site that you can change to improve your search results. It analyzes your technology and your content, and gives you an action plan for improvement. All three tools are a great way to measure your site’s SEO, but SEO Site Checkup goes the next step further to tell you how to improve those measurements.

I recommend using all three of these tools, in conjunction with analytics tools and other metrics to montiro and improve your site. SEO Site Checkup is a great new tool to add to that arsenal.

2 thoughts on “3 SEO Site Analysis Tools to Grade Your Site

  1. SD Marketing Company

    Site analysis is very comprehensive step. Every website should be went under this process before conducting the overall Search Engine Optimization. Know all the illness of the site and prepare a solution on it


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