Mix08 Session 5 – The Open Question

This is a panel session talking about Open Process, Open Source, Open Development, and Open APIs.  The panelists were Mike Schroepfer from Mozilla, Andi Gutmans from Zend, Miguel de Icaza from Novell, Rob Conery from Microsoft, and moderated by Sam Ramji from Microsoft.  The session was interesting… it provided a lot of perspective on how the Open Source community views itself, how it operates, and how it is expanding.  Here are some of the topics that were covered:

  • The discussion of patent infringement and Open Source is in conflict
  • The idea of Open Data, for example the collection and sharing of personal data for advertising purposes
  • The acquisition of Yahoo – PHP will be injected into Microsoft and accelerate open source ideas, PHP now can run on Windows Server 2008
  • Debate that opening source code should increase security vs keeping it closed and leveraging Security by Obscurity
  • Not a lot of full open source products – DotNetNuke, Druple, but other Open Source APIs like PHP
  • Criteria for using open source?  All?  None?  Blended!
  • Criteria for making your next project an open source project…?

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