Netscape is Dead, Long Live Netscape!

Well, it is official.  The once-popular browser, from Mosaic through Netscape Navigator and all of its Mozilla variants, fought in the Browser Wars from 1994 through 2008, and is now throwing in the towel.  My once-favorite browser has finally fallen under the weight of Internet Explorer (and Firefox, too, I suppose). 

AOL announced on December 28, 2007 that as of February 1, 2008 they will no longer be providing Netscape Navigator.  Oh, how the might have fallen.  I found out about this on Engadget – Netscape finally bows out, browsers no longer supported, but you can read about it on the Netscape Blog – End of Support for Netscape web browsers.  The Browser Wars will continue, but without one if its original participants. 

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