Week(s) in Review – Test, Test, Test!

It has been a bit of time since I have posted, and over that same period of time, I have been lax in reading the blogs I am subscribed to. The last 2 weeks the team has spent lots of time implementing Watin UI tests on one of our new sites. We have started to flush out a shared reusable library and leveraging that to develop site-specific unit tests. Roy Osherove has written three articles over these past two weeks that are very interesting, and directly relevant to the realm of Automated Unit Tests. One article is about A New Unit Test Platform called XUnit, which has many improvements over nUnit. The second article is about Code Reuse in Unit Tests. And, the third article is about Throw Away Test vs Tests That Last.

Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman have also written two great articles in the Continuous Integration arena. ScottGu’s article was regarding Automating Environment Specific Web Config Settings. Scott Hanselman wrote an article about Managing Multiple Configuration File Environments With Pre-Build Events.

Take a look at these articles They are great reads.

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