The 6 Test Styles of Google Website Optimizer

So I attended the Google Website Optimizer webinar this Tuesday afternoon.   I did not know too much about the feature set of this particular tool, so I thought the webinar would be a good way for me to find out more. 

The class was moderated by ROI Revolution.  They are a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant and AdWords Qualified Company, and offer webinars and training classes for Google products.  You can find more information about them on their web site. 

Essentially, Google Website Optimizer is a tool designed to track results of content changes to your web site before you commit to them.  It works in a similar way to Google Analytics – you tag your pages, your content blocks, your action items, and your goal pages.  Google Website Optimizer will then randomize your content or your page to test it how you choose. 

There are 6 different types of tests that you can use:

  1. A/B Testing – this is essentially a test to determine if one page layout is more effective than another
  2. Multivariate – this tests if different content blocks (copy blocks, headers, images, etc.) are more effective than others
  3. Split Path – this will test if content changes will affect the navigation through your site
  4. Multipage Multivariate – this test will measure if content changes on one page will affect navigation on other pages, and if there are any other cross-page interactions that change
  5. Linger – this test is good for sites that have no clear conversion, and will measure time on the page instead of number of conversions
  6. Anything – an open ended type of test, particularly if your site has multiple conversion points

There was also a brief demo on how you can intertwine Google Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords to measure how changes in your page affect your AdWords advertising campaigns.

Did anyone else attend the session?  Has anyone used Google Website Optimizer?  Is this a tool that you would think is useful?

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