Gatineau Beta is Open for Applicants

Ian Thomas is a Microsoft employee in their Digital Advertising Solutions group.  He is “responsible for bringing Gatineau to market,” as his blog states.  Gatineau is in essence a Microsoft Competitor to Google Analytics.  Microsoft already has adCenter, just as Google has AdSense and AdWords.  You can read all about his work and his perspectives on web analytics on his blog called Lies, Damn Lies.  I am a frequent reader, and his articles are insightful and informative. 

His recent post announces “Gatineau beta access request form online.”  Now you can go to his online form and request access to Gatineau Beta.  You will need to have an adCenter account.  If you do not, don’t worry – you will be able to register for one as part of the Gatineau Beta, but you will need to pay a $5 one-time fee. 

I have signed up for a beta account, and want to try it out on my blog Pixelated Views.  It will give me lots of great insight as to how it works and what its impact will be on Internet Marketing and Web Analytics. 

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