The Secrets of WHOIS on SEO

  • WHOIS is a protocol that is used to identify the owner of a domain name or IP address on the Internet.
  • The WHOIS information is now used for validating domains and their content dynamically by search engines and their crawlers:
    • inception date of the domain (age of the site and its content)
    • expiration of the domain (legitimacy of the site and its content – shorter registrations rank lower)
    • Frequency of changes to the WHOIS data (stability of the site and its content)
    • Information about name servers (purpose of the site and its content)
  • Issues with using WHOIS information
    • Privacy concerns
    • False registrations
    • Inaccurate information
    • Obsolete sites
    • Lack of history
    • Internationalization
    • No central WHOIS server list
    • Differing result formats from different WHOIS servers
  • Some tips that will leverage WHOIS information
    • Register your domains for 5 years or more at a time
    • Avoid changing your WHOIS or registration information unless absolutely necessary

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