eBay Entrepreneur

Well, I had posted the Transformers on eBay that my brother and I found at my parents house. They went very quickly, and fairly successfully. Eleven of the fifteen I posted were sold successfully. There were 35 people watching the Optimus Prime and Devastator auctions each. Most of the others had five to ten watchers. Slag, Warpath, Brawn, Snarl, Hot Rod, Thrust, Hound, Skids, Windcharger, Optimus Prime, and Devastator all sold. Twin Twist, Topspin, Grapple, and Astrotrain did not sell. I will try to repost them this weekend. I want to be sure I stay on the wave of the movie – it is free advertising and the demand is high for Generation 1 Transformers. I saw advertisements to eBay for G1 Transformers on the Gizmodo and Engadget web blogs, as well as a permanent link on the eBay home page.

I also posted a number of my comic books this weekend. I posted them in lots of five to ten comics. The included lots of Spawn, McFarlane Spider-Man and Eastman & Laird’s original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These did not get anywhere near the amount of attention that the Transformers did. Only two of the lots sold – one set of McFarlane Spider-Man books, and one of X-Factor books.

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