Mix 07 Session 8

Session 8 was all about search. There are a few things we can start to do on our side, like robot tags and sitemap files, that will help get us indexed. There is also a search provider bit that has come out on Monday that allows you to set up multiple search providers on the fly on the web config, and an API that will allow you to display the results however you like. Having the site indexed by a spider from a sitemap page gets around all the problems of being a data driven site instead of a file based site. The USB key drive we got in our registration pack has all the code samples. I talked to the two speakers after the session, and they both recommended using the search functionality for SharePoint, which can be used standalone. We could also use Google or Yahoo, but they limit search queries to 1000 and 5000 per day. Someone mentioned something called Google mini, which sounded like a hardware solution, and one of the slides mentioned index server. Windows Live has a limit of 25000 queries. I don’t think that will be enough. But I got a lot of ideas, and a handful of other solutions to explore.

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