Mix 07 Session 7 and Keynote 2

So session 7 was supposed to be about Lessons Learned for WPF. There were two speakers, both from a small company in Tacoma WA called Identity Mine. The same company did the great comic book reader session, so I thought it would be really good. The first speaker did a conference 2 weeks ago, and referred us to the video of his session on a CD we got in our welcome kit. The second speaker did a lessons learned on another project, that used WPF 3D. He basically said that 3D is hard, and that was his lessons learned. =/ He gave a bit more information than that, but that was pretty close. Codeplex is a Microsoft project that has some solutions for WPF 3D to help bridge the gap. And standard controls like list boxes etc. are not available in 3D. Not sure when we will be doing a 3D WPF project, so I guess I will have to watch the video to get a better idea of lessons learned for 2D WPF projects. I am actually really interested in playing with WPF when I get back home.

Keynote speaker 2 was a bit about marketing, and how Microsoft has leveraged their Media products and to partner with other companies. I skipped out about half way through to take care of some work things I had to cover. I dont think I missed too much… it seemed to be a Microsoft rehash of some of the other Design sessions I had seen anyways.

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