Mix 07 Session 6

The Emotion of Customer Experience seemed like a companion session to the futures of design session. The speaker was very dynamic. Its not about the brand, its not about the product, its about the Experience. Its not just about what the customer feels about us, but how we make the customer feel. Sensing and reacting, not making and selling is what wins. Efficiency versus effectiveness. The little things… The clues… Those are the things that change the experience. The experiences that our customers have can be architected by us.

Dr. Jerry Zaltman wrote a book called “How Customers Think” that sounds like a great book. I will have to check it out on Amazon.

The speaker, Lewis Carbone, has written a book called “Clued In”.

One of the other things I have noticed about the conference is that there are folks coming here from all over the world – England, France, Switzerland, China, Korea, and they add a whole new perspective on the topics, and by the questions they ask.

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