Mix 07 Session 5

Well, session 5 was a pain for me. I wanted to attend the Futures in Design session… It wasn’t quite what i expected.. It was kind of a design 101 combined with a design source revue. So i decided to go see the IE future session. When i got there it was in a smaller side, room and there were so many people, there was not even standing room available and a conference person was standing outside the closed doors turning people away. The design session was in the keynote room, and was practically empty. It was a bit aggravating that a small room was used for a huge interest topic, and a huge room was almost not used at all. So i went back to the design session. Some of the stuff was interesting and piqued my interest in my original background. I would have attended one of the other sessions, but they didn’t look that good.

That is one thing that I have found frustrating about this conference… I either wanted to attend 4 sessions all at the same time, or not attend any of the sessions in a specific time slot.

One thing i have liked is that there are a lot of technology agnostic sessions… It’s not just Microsoft pitching its products. It has industry experts talking on a wide variety of topics.

On to the next session.

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