Mix 07 Session 3

Session 3 was a strange session… It was called “Getting Unstuck – Enhancing Designer and Developer Collaboration for mutual success.” sounds exactly like the problems weare having. All we seem to do is bump heads with some of our agencies, and it is becoming more and more of a barrier to getting things done well. So i left the panel discussion with a few good points for us to keep in mind

  • Keep in mind that we are good at hat we do, and they are good at they do. We are not designers, and they are not developers. But there needs to be mutual respect for each other.
  • Do not lock yourself into a rigid process. Once you lock yourself in, you are already stuck.
  • Agile and Scrum are great methodologies, and provide lots of flexibility, but are also not always the answer
  • Communication is usually part of the problem. Communicate more information, and sooner, and more often.
  • Stay focused on solving the problem, and on the users, and you cant go wrong
  • Break the problem down into smaller parts and then tackle the smaller problems

All of this is good advice, and nothing I hadn’t heard before. I just need to keep it in mind more often.

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