Mix ’07 Keynote

Well, Mix 07 has officially begun, and the keynote I have to say was quite good. It was all about Silverlight. Now WPF we all know is supposed to be a competitor of Macromedia Flash. And Expression is supposed to be the competitor to Flash Studio. Well, Microsoft has announced Silverlight as the Flash plugin that will work on PCs and Macs, in IE, Firefox, Netscape, and Safari. There were lots of demos, one from CBS News that allowed users to submit their own videos, one from MLB.com that allowed users to stream video and build overlay widgets for stats, and one called TopBanana that did movie editing… all were very slick. The Silverlight plugin will also have CLR built in, so you can build Silverlight apps in .Net using Expression and publish cross platform. This is particularly exciting for us in Internet Marketing at BMS, because Agencies can develop the front end in XAML, we can do the back end in .Net. and we can publish to Silverlight Cross Browser, and still have hooks for all our observations collection. More to come about this in one of the later sessions!!!

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