SEO Tip – Meta Tags – Part 3 – Keywords

  • Words or categories that identify what the page is about
  • As time has progressed, the misuse of keywords has encouraged search engines to rely less and less upon them. There is still debate about how much of an impact keywords have on SEO.
  • Some SEO experts have recommended putting your important keywords first. This can’t hurt.
  • Google, and many other search engines, stores location information for all hits and so it makes extensive use of proximity in search.
  • Include common plural forms of your keywords
  • Include common misspellings of your keywords
  • A good rule of thumb for the keyword tag is 1000 characters or less
  • Repeating your keywords too many times can do more damage than good. Once or twice is fine, with different spellings or with misspellings.
  • <meta name=”keywords” content=”HTML meta tags metatags tag search engines internet directory web searching index catalog catalogue serch seach search engine optimization techniques optimisation ranking positioning promotion marketing”>

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